Elmo Crisis


I think some will not watch Sesame Street as often or stop for a little bit. But, in some cases a puppeteer’s and the puppet’s lives are separate. Clash’s personal life is his own and should not have a connection to the Elmo character. What he is being accused of is by no means right, but Elmo’s character should not suffer. People will probably stop watching or supporting the show for a little while, during this time when the issue is of conversation in the news and online. When people hear the voice of Clash with Elmo on the show or movie they will start to associate Elmo with these allegations…and that is not a good thing. Something needs to be done to save the image of Sesame Street. The reputation of this show has been acquired for decades and it should not be ruined by Clash’s rumors. If people feel so strongly to abandon the show because of Clash’s personal life, Sesame Street should fire Clash. This may seem a little extreme, but in order to save the show they would have to sacrifice one puppeteer. I think Sesame Street should have made an announcement already. This could turn into a crisis if they do now handle it properly, and ignoring an issue being talked about is not the way to go about this. You need to be transparent and let your audience know what you and your team are doing to handle to situation even if you have not come to a clear, definite decision yet. People want to and need to be informed of this information as soon as possible.

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  1. I completely agree with you. I think that Elmo, the character should not suffer due to the person who played the voice of him. The show has been on for years and years, and it has helped many children with writing, counting, their ABC’s, etc., and I hate to think that someone’s personal life could potentially effect the positive image that is associated with Sesame Street. I do think that Clash should be fired, because he violated company policy. That may also help save the show’s image.

  2. I think that Sesame Street has to be transparent. All this secrecy about whether they knew or not and what they are going to do isn’t hurting them. I think they have to be honest and people will respect that. People love Sesame Street and as along as they are open about the situation, I think they will be fine.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you any more when you said, “puppeteer’s and the puppet’s lives are separate.” Often people in powerful positions do something wrong but that does not make the position corrupt or tainted. I think most people understand that Elmo is just a character and the puppeteer was just doing his job, he was not by any means pushing a personal agenda thorough the show. However, what bothers me is why Sesame Workshop kept Clash’s internal investigation a secret. Child molestation is a serious offense and as a responsible company they should have let the police investigate it.

    -Dhara Shah

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  5. I agree with you completely! I think making the sacrifice to get rid of a pupeteer is their only option. Clash and Elmo are two different beings. If anything were to happen to Clash like it is now, that is why they have back up people to voice over Elmo.

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  7. I agree. I had no idea who the puppeteer was until all of this happened, so why should it matter? Just replace him and move on.

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